Podcasty o tłumaczeniach t.j. jak dobrze mówić

Podcasty o tłumaczeniach t.j. jak dobrze mówić

1. Welcoming the Coachee 

2. Introducing yourself as a Coach and explaining what NeuroLanguage Coaching is.

– linking the work of the brain with language – learning in learner-friendly conditions

3. Presentation of the International Coach Federation and Confidenciality declaration

– about the International Coaching Federation

– the Coach’s Code of Ethics

– Confidentiality of data and information as the content of the classes, results, etc.

4. Asking about motivation and why a student wants to learn English

5. Mechanicals and Mastery Explanation

-“mechanical” means a grammar area to focus on by the Coachee

– and Mastery: a list of these issues during the interview

6. Provide a diagnosis of the current knowledge / test if necessary

– discussion of the results we need to do orally (grammar)
exercise to show ourselves the deficits and determine together what you focus on in learning

7. Setting the goals of the mechanicals and asking for self-setting in time: by when to be mastered

8. Beginning / announcing the Master Goal setting – Mastery Goal r and what is Goal / Until when

9. Acknowledgement of the above purpose clearly: needs to be repeated

10. What will the Coachee do?

11. Summary of mechanical and main goals

12. Determining the frequency of meetings / sessions and the duration of classes;

13. Confirmation of oral commitments of the Coachee and giving his consent for checking homework: this is a commitment 😉

14. End of the session. Thanks

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