Wakacyjne warsztaty Języka Angielskiego dla każdego

Wakacyjne warsztaty Języka Angielskiego dla każdego

zalozenie bylo darmowe wakacyjne pokazowe itp. np z wymowy itp.

Specialized English Language Offer 2022/23 – workshop topics:

economic language workshops

technical language workshops

environmental language workshops

legal language workshops

service language workshops

trade and logistics language workshops

ict language workshops

medical language workshops


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and special offer

Social English skills workshops

Professional Communication Skills for Managers

Workshops examples and their syllabi:

see the review

marketing language workshops:

-product sales and presentation

-trade negotiations



technical language workshops:




-occupational health and safety

environmental language workshops:

-environmental protection law

-environmental issues

HR language workshops:

-labour law

-HR issues


service language workshops:

-negotiations and arbitrage

-real estate brokerag


legal and economic language workshops:


-banking and insurance

-accounting corporate finance

-civil law

-administrative law

-human rights


-Academic English: writing, research, lectures and presentations

trade and logistics language workshops:


-hus centers

-shared service centers

medical language workshops:


-paramedics and nurses

-medicine (basics)

and many others:

-norms and standards

-call center, reception etc.


-care over a dependent person

-call center


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