Which languages are the most profitable to learn at the moment?

Which languages are the most profitable to learn at the moment?

Knowledge of English has long been impressed by any employer. Now it’s standard. And although good English increases the chances of high earnings, it does not guarantee employment. So how do you stand out from other candidates? One of the possibilities is to learn more foreign languages. Which is the most profitable to teach at the moment?

According to the EF English Proficiency Index 2016 report, Poles are good at English. Among all the countries studied, Poland was ranked 10th, ahead of France and Italy, among others. The first two positions in the ranking went to the Netherlands and Denmark.

Unfortunately, although we generally know English, it is often only at a communicative level, not a business level. Meanwhile, the level of language proficiency has an impact on your earnings. According to the Polish National Remuneration Survey, Poles in 2016 earned an average of PLN 5,800 gross per month in 2016. It is PLN 2,350 more than people who know only the basics of this language. Not only that, the differences in pay between two employees in the same position, but with different knowledge of English amounted to up to 1700 PLN.

Increasingly, however, knowledge of English turns out to be insufficient to convince the employer. That is why it is also worth learning others. Languages ​​such as German, French, Italian and Spanish are still highly valued on the labor market. Even better chances of finding a good job can be given by knowledge of “exotic” languages ​​- Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. Norwegian and Swedish are also attractive. This is due to the fact that many Poles want to work on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

“We gain a lot thanks to foreign languages. Our position on the labor market is one reason why they should be studied. But above all, we gain freedom. Whether we travel for business or tourist with family, we feel more comfortable […]. The important thing is also where we learn the language. If we have the opportunity to do it abroad, then in addition to language we get to know the entire cultural context. This is very important if we want to work in an international company: some organizations, when looking for employees, pay attention to it, “says Sylwia Rogalska, a country manager at Education First in an interview with infoWire.pl news agency.

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