e-book: “How to stand out in the jungle of coaches”



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The e-book “How to stand out in the jungle of coaches“ is designed not only for coaches. All the
educators like teachers, tutors, lectures, advisors and consultants can and should find the way to reach
to their target audience. There is nothing better than the demonstration of their expertise through a
few or at least one of the electronic products. These may be also called e-products or online products.
The book presents them as methods to reach and get the audience attention in a form that best suits
them: an e-book, podcast, a webpage, a landing page, a blog or a vlog, a You Tube channel, a webinar
or consultation platform. There are multiple choices and combinations of them – the only thing you
need to do is to decide on something, then build a strategy for five years and start implementing. I find
building an engaging training or a course for my audience a grasping experience and resort from my
daily duties. Here, I have selected several treats that are the most proper for online educators and
you may find suitable for yourself because, to my mind, they combine all we need to be acquainted
with in 21st century. I have gathered numerous examples, illustrations, and even the book itself is such
an example: its content is interactive with pop-up video, websites, hyperlinks and thus demonstrates
what I have learned myself because I really wanted: I watched dozens of webinars and then tutorial, I
listened to hundreds of podcasts and I made it! I recognize this method of teaching and learning very
In this book you will find tips and many answers why you, as an educator, ought to find your own path
(e-method and e-product) to come up to people. I find only positives of such a possibility: a way to
express myself in professional environment, away to lean and improve my IT and computer skills, I also
tried all to determine what best suits me an what I can enjoy doing to expand and grow. There were
many ups and downs in my e-journey but eventually my efforts paid off and taught me a lot, and helped
me clarify what I want to do. I have made some suggestions but all depends on you, your passion,
likes and mental and physical persistency. So, I hope what you will spot here something irresistible for
yourself and most importantly start utilizing for your own good and benefit.