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English Language Coaching

English Language Coaching Sessions

PODCAST 1 English Language Coaching Session – General English

PODCAST 2 English Language Coaching Session – Legal english

English language session with Margaret who wants to be coached in English with her legal language needs in her professional. She wants to improve her communication skills and for that reason she came to me so I diagnosed her obstacles and areas to but definitely I need to work on her internal motivation to learn the language. At least I know it by using the of the coaching tools “1-10 Scale”.

transcript of the presentation in the video

Language has a huge power, way more power than we give the credit for.

It’s not just talk. It actually creates the world we live in, it creates our world. It’s very clear to me that we don’t live in our lives, we don’t lie in our organizations we don’t live in our community we don’t live in our world:

we live in the conversation we create about our lives – that’s what we we live in:

You may not have absolute power over your community or your family or your spouse or even your own life sometimes but absolute omnipotence over the conversation you have about that, over that you have absolute power. No one is more powerful than you are in generating the conversation that you choose to live in.

I invite you to use the words: “I am committed to “r

I commit to not I would like the difference between I would like this Workshop to really be a great workshop difference between that and I commit to living the best workshop I’ve ever let in my life today and tomorrow and I promise you all that at the difference statement and it creates a difference me.