Motivation Coaching

Motivation Coaching

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Have you ever felt a little… lost? Like you’re not quite sure what it is you want to do with your life or career? Or perhaps you know exactly what you want, but are struggling to find the motivation to get up every day and do what needs to be done.

When we lack motivation, everything can feel difficult. On this page we’ll delve deeper into the idea of motivation, understanding where it comes from, why we lose it and how working with a coach can help us find it again.

Understanding motivation

To start with, it’s important to understand what motivation really is. Motivation comes from within ourselves. It is our purpose or reason for doing something, whether that’s to eg. launching a business or changes to your routine (in this case see other type of coaching: Staring a business)

Our motivation for something stems from our values and beliefs. When you have a strong sense of your personal values and beliefs (for example, kindness towards others), this forms a basis from which your motivation can grow.

We all have different motivators. For some, they may include having a clear mission, wanting to help others and being inspired. For others, they may include personal power, career success and money. Neither is right or wrong, however, many find external motivators like money or perceived success less powerful than internal motivators that work in alignment with your values.

A motivator that can help all of us is accountability. This means telling someone about your dreams and having them check in with you to see how you’re going.

This is a key element of Coaching Process itself and for you to achieve progress and then success, is just having regular conversations/sessions with someone, here a Professional, a certified Coach about a project / a dream / a desire to make or encourage them to action, motivate to grow.

The difference between motivation and inspiration

When someone gives a ‘motivational’ speech, what they’re really doing is inspiring their audience. Motivation has to come from within ourselves, and this means that in reality – no one can motivate you. It has to come from yourself.

Inspiration comes from the outside world. Speakers, writers, mentors and others we look up to can inspire us. Films, art, books and music can also inspire us.

If we imagine motivation to be the fire in your belly, your purpose, your ‘why’, then inspiration can be seen as fuel for that fire. The two work together very well, and inspiration can certainly be a tool to help increase your motivation to do something, but it cannot replace the fire of inner motivation.

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