Language Coaching

Language Coaching

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What is language coaching?

Language coaching encompasses the teaching and training of foreign languages but incorporates principles, models and competences from the field of life coaching. … It is also not clear if so called language coaches have any coaching qualifications or experience as life coaches.

A language coach is not the same as a traditional teacher. Instead of deciding and then telling the learner what they ​should​ know , a coach looks at where you are now; helps you decide where you want to be, and guides and supports you on that ‘journey’ to language proficiency.

The lessons are learner orientated and don’t follow text books. Most significantly, the focus is on what YOU, the learner, can do to progress to fluency.
​YOU, the learner/client, take responsibility for the direction of your learning and together, we can work out how you will get there.

Theoretically, language coaching encompasses the teaching and training of foreign languages but incorporates principles, models and competences from the field of life coaching. These principles, competences and models may originate from coaching organisations themselves such as the International Coach Federation in the United States or from particular coaching models or practices such as GROW.

Thus, the whole process behind life coaching, such as goal setting, action and strategy setting, reviewing goals and really getting coachees to focus on personal development and accomplish feats step by step is then transported into the language learning process:

  • The Language Coach works with the Client to set personalised goals and targets.
  • The Client takes responsibility for and ownership of their learning.
  • The Language Coach uses experience and intuition to choose methods that suits the Client best. 
  • They are aware that each person learns in a different way.
  • The Client is motivated to acquire specific language skills and knowledge.
  • The Language Coach and Client work together to create a specialised, flexible, tailor made learning plan.
  • The plan and the goals are revisited regularly.
  • Text-books are rarely used as they tend to be too generalised to be effective.
  • Real documents, texts, videos, books, magazines etc. are used as and when needed.
  • The Language Coach has many years of previous experience and success as a language teacher.
  • The Language Coach offers affective support: confidence, feedback and empathy.
  • The relationship between the Language Coach and Client is that of equal professionals working together.
  • The Language Coach is discrete about the sometimes sensitive, confidential information involved in work related language support

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