6-hour-session Packet

6-hour-session Packet

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What will happen during the session?

Together with Coach you will find this out during the session(s). Every Coachee is different, each person Coach works with requires an individual approach and individual working methods, an array of appropriate techniques and tools, and at times even a completely different perspective. Therefore, it is impossible to plan exactly how it will look beforehand. Coaching is not a factory-made magic pill (burdened with a list of potential side effects resulting from standardization), but a tailor-made service like a high-class suit, tailored specifically to you and to your individual needs and inclinations.

If You were to be given a general pattern for a problem-solving session, it would sounds like this:

1) We discover how you create your problem, or how the system in which you operate leads to this problem and how you react to it.

2) We find ways to change how you create this problem so that you can start thinking differently, feeling different and behaving differently than before

3) We build the foundations for new, generative changes in your life and “excavate” from you development capabilities in the context of the problem with which we work

Do I need to do anything before making an appointment for session?

Before we arrange a session or session-package we ask you to complete the 
Pre-sessional Questionnaire (available here) and Coaching Agreement (here). 
This not binding in any way for you and it allows us to better understand your situation and decide if we can do such work and to estimate how much time will probably be needed to achieve the effects that you interested in. 
see the questionnaire and coaching agreement here, read them and print out, sign and sent to: office@cttb.education

buy here a 6-session Package in price of 5*

* the first session is always included in total number of sessions one session only always the most expensive, one session is 60 min

Are the effects permanent?

Yes. The Coach checks the long-term effectiveness of the changes made when working with Coachee and they confirm the durability of the changes made. More importantly, after the session, you also get specific tools used in your joint work, thanks to which you can in the future deal with not only problems similar to those discussed during sessions, but also with many other issues. Of course, this requires your own work and commitment, but it has already been mentioned.

I know exactly how to get rid of my problem, all I need is someone who can do it with me.

I’ll come and do it to you, okay?

If you have this kind of approach, then we will give you a few addresses to those we I do disapprove - please, go to them with that attitude.

Putting it simply in words - if you consciously have known how to get rid of your problem, you would not have to pay me to get rid of it with us - but definitely you would not have had it by now. This does not mean that you do not have the resources needed to get rid of the problem - you apparently have them. At the same time, if you consciously had known how to use them, you would have done it long time ago. 
Since you want to take the use of our help, put entrust our professionals, do not impose any style of work that you think we should apply in your case. I may happen I will apply it, it may happen not. If you want to use our skills, trust in our competence to recognize the problem and methods of working with it. 
If you want to share your comments or thoughts that you think would be useful - go ahead - but let us use them when we assume them appropriate. 

Set up your customized coaching plan

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