12-hour-session Packet

12-hour-session Packet

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Do we guarantee that you will get rid of your problem? We can guarantee that ……

……. that we will do my best to help you get the effect you are interested in, we guarantee that while working with you we use all my knowledge, commitment and, if necessary, pure stubbornness and conviction that you are always there and more powerful than any of your problems. This belief is based on the absolute awareness of one simple fact – your problem is a part of you, but you will always be more powerful than any of your parts. We can guarantee to you one more thing – that we are willing to work very hard to achieve the goal of the session, with one assumption that we shall work no harder than you do. we shall push no more that you are ready to bear. We can be proud of very high efficiency – at the same time we do not have 100% effectiveness and do not intend to deceive by guaranteeing it.

Are our cooperation & sessions confidential?

Of course. All work that takes place during coaching sessions and process is completely confidential. Although we sometimes refer to experiences in working with other people, it is possible to refer to them in such a way that it is not possible to recognize or even suspect a particular person, changing the data that enables identification. For this reason, not all Coachee’s reviews are signed with the name nor photo – some people wish to thank us for the cooperation sessions and their effects, but without providing their private data.

We respect our rules of Cooperation and must be compliant with ICF Code of Ethics, and its implications and we appreciate that mutually with our Coachees. Despite everything, the Coachees decide to share their impression on work with a Coach they can always do it. In addition, if for some reason you think you want to make your opinion anonymous – there is no problem.


How long does work take?

It is always an individual matter. We cannot calculate for you a certain number of sessions in advance until we know the problem you want to come to us with. When I find out what you want to achieve by working with the elected Coach, we will be able to tell you a bit about how much time our work will probably take. To be straightforward with you, almost always work face to face is a bit faster than work remotely (via the internet or telephone), but evidently sometimes appointing a personal meeting is impossible. And here we are.

We rarely perform sessions with Coachess who want to solve one specific problem for more than 5 one-hour sessions. Longer coaching relationships mainly affect people who want to change many aspects of their lives, or need help in implementing a specific, long-term and lasting change. A lot of problems that Coachees come to us with are solved within three or five one-hour sessions but these are Coaching sessions with one major issue/problem. 
At the same time, we want to emphasize that this is always an individual matter, and one of the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of work is the Coachee's own involvement. 
As it is written earlier - we will work very hard to achieve your goals, but we will not do it any faster than you do.

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* the first session is always included in total number of sessions one session only always the most expensive, session is 60 min

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