Market niche for educators

Market niche for educators

1. What is niche? dla edukatora szkolenie

2. Five elements of a market niche.

3. Seven good sides of a market niche.

4. How to find a market niche?

-review your skills and strengths:  identify your interests, passions, and expertise; brainstorm problems you can solve; Research your competition and target market; narrow down your niche; test and adjust as needed

-clarify a few overall life goals and ambitions

-pinpoint where your skills, life goals and passions intersect

-identify your niche market and your target audience

-choose a business type

-identify the market demand

-craft your unique brand: 1. “I help/teach ________ (ideal client) to ________ (feature) so they can _________ (benefit).”

2. I help ______ (segment) do _______ (benefit), even if _______ (most common objection).



5 ways to leverage education in your niche:

-create an online course

-rank everything in your niche

-set up a resource library

-make educational videos

-write definitive guides


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