Exemplary ideas for e-book topics

Exemplary ideas for e-book topics

An educator (tutor, teacher, trainer, coach, lecturer, consultants) can write about:

(tips for coaches, teachers, consultants, trainers, tutors, and others)

1. How you manage your schedule as a (insert specialty) coach

2. Deep dives and guides

3. Behind the scenes – a look at how you run one area of your coaching business

4. Share a semi-controversial point of view

5. Give a client case study

6. Share about your framework

7. Answer your most frequently asked questions

8. Here are some examples of a few topics that can be combined into one post:

9. Share about a mindset practice you do

10. Roundup of resources & recommendations

11. Share the products that help you run your coaching business

12. Rank something in your industry

13. Give a step-by-step guide

14. Share the most up-to-date industry trends

15. Share about a common objection

16. Share about a common roadblock for your prospective clients

17. Journal prompts and running

18. Write about the do’s and don’ts in coaching practice

19. What values help you to be a balanced person?

20. Share a case study (after receiving client approval and changing personal details).

21. How did you become a coach?

22. What lessons have you learned along the way?

…. and many more interesting ideas like e.g. those grouped and listed by Alisa Barcan’s in her article on “31 Content Ideas for Coaches” or by John Townsend in his post list of 100 ideas for blog topics that can be turned into e-book ones. I think the to list give a wide variety for both less and more experienced coaches who want to write e-books, make an attempt to start writing on their website’s blogs.

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