a weekend crash Effective Communication Workshop for Managers

a weekend crash Effective Communication Workshop for Managers

Effective Communication for Managers

3 days of total indulgence in English Communication for Managers

totally run in English, universal approach and based on real-life situations, and examples from everyday life taken from corporate life

Objectives: to practice and excel all English language skills like: speaking, writing listening and reading based on authentic materials

Target audience: managers, executives, specialists, experts in multiple industries of economy

Trainers: English teachers & language Coaches with educational and practical experience in business and administration

Two Options: 1. self-study workshop online       and  2. trainer-led crash course online

Workshop Type :

– interactive in 80% of practice, preparation task to do home before workshop time

– peer and trainer’s feedback,

– group on-line interactive classes, constant student’s involvement guaranteed

– numerous practical oral exercises combined with correct pronunciation and English language accent

– everyday small talk-related phrases, other social English expressions in general and business environment

workshop AGENDA


Day 1 Friday 17;00 – 21;00

Presentation: aim, range, agenda, handouts; (dinner)

17;30 – 19;00 Introduction to course content

19;30 – 21;00  Company presentation and self-presentation

Day 2 Saturday 9;00 – 21;00

08;00 – 09;00 Breakfast

09;00 – 11;00 Delivering Presentations

11;00 – 13;00 Writing and responding to e-mails: formal i informal style

13;00 – 14;00 lunch and coffee break

14;00 – 17;00 Telephoning and teleconferencing; the Art of Listening

17;00 – 19;00 Formal meeting, seminars, debates and brainstorming sessions

19;00 – 20;00 Dinner/Supper*

20;00 – 21;00 Socializing and small talk

Day 3 Sunday 8;00 – 18;00

09;00 – 10;00 Breakfast

10;00 – 13;00  Speeches, talks

13;00 – 14;00 Lunch break

14;00 – 17;00 Negotiations

17;00 – 18;00  Sum-up and recap

The schedule of online workshops

dates/weekends: 2022/23

October: 21, 22, 23

November: 18, 19, 20

December: 16, 17, 18

January: 20, 21, 22

February: 17, 18, 19

Make a payment min 30 days before workshop date and get your 50% discount!

Organizational Arrangements:

  • 24 hours of full indulgence into English
  • interesting and authentic workshop materials
  • experienced teachers and coaches
  • free placement test in General English
  • 32 lessons: 45min each
  • certificate of completion with supplement
  • free access to platform to communicate classes via e.g. MS Teams 
  • classes online/fixed time and day
  • part of classes run by a Native Speaker
  • progress assessment written and oral test and free digital educational materials
  • free survey and test ex ante and ex post
  • free of charge individual language speaking skills assessment
  • certificate conditional upon min 80% of attendance
  • small groups
  • booking online


Effects and takeaways:

– more effective verbal communication: speaking at meetings, interviews. giving presentations (excelled pronunciation: unique feature)

– improved formal written communication, including writing emails, preparing presentations, and networking online

– you will improve your professional lexical communication in English for successful business interactions

– you will improve leading negotiations skills and effective, active listening skills for this reason

– you will improve running tele meetings, teleconferences and the small talk so-called chats (as a unique feature)

– you will improve the practical knowledge of vocabulary typical in the business context of yours

– you will improve communication to potential employers, employees, partners or clients

– you will become competitive by improving your English through your specialization

– you will improve communication that can help you achieve business and professional goals through your improved language skills

so finally you will able to take your career or business to the next level on the international arena.

read the attendees’ opinions

see the video recordings from the workshop


Regular price for is 50,- Euro/per 1 class now 25,- Euro as a promotion

Total cost: 1,200.00 Euro for the Package.

– payment in advance, free option payments:

  1. 7 days prior >full price of 1,200.00-Euro to pay
  2. 14 days prior >75% 900.00- Euro to pay
  3. 30 days prior >50% of the full 600.00- Euro to pay

– possible refund max up to 3 days before workshop launch day: 80% of the payment made.

Any resignation notification and request of refund must be made via e-mail and confirmed.

use promotion code: PROMO20

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