Composer: Coaching Session Arranger

Composer: Coaching Session Arranger

Bring yourself to better you take your Personality to next level

We are the team of Professionals who render professional Coaching sessions nationwide

we have been granted Bark Elite Pro membership by Bark Team and in July were rewarded for the quickest response and quality towards Clients.

If you want to find Professionals ideal for you … it’s us. We are near you and available nationwide on-line: just pick what you need in the Arranger!

Freely compose your own ideal Session Package, use your discounts and become better you – Bring yourself to successful you, reach for better future

We are all Professionals highly educated & Certified Coaches. We are most experienced in varied industries which makes are unique and perfect and still approachable and affordable Coaches for each of You. Our advantage is is that we can understand you far better than other – we speak many langs

See the Coaching Session Arranger above and create your own Program by yourself !!! – it possibile to do it only with us

Coaching is essentially about helping individuals regulate and direct their interpersonal and intra-personal resources to better attain their goals.” The primary method is assisting the client to identify and form well crafted goals and develop an effective action plan” – Coaching Program (Grant; 2006 p.)


Coaching with us is individual work with a Coach, allows you to recognize your skills, abilities and talents and to use the potential more fully. Since we cannot change the past Coaching with CTTB Coaches is solely oriented on the present and the future. Coaching helps to cross barriers, expand your comfort zone, get to know yourself better, raise your self-esteem, find your own balance between work and life. has honored us with the title of Professional Coaching group. We have been extremely proud of the fact.

“Happy Monday“- special 10% discount, read it and use it

In order to become even more approachable we have elaborated Special 10% discount while you are composing your own Coaching Package during 24 hours on each Monday. We have called this “Happy Monday” to face the inner fear and change each dreadful feeling into glee, joy. We know that the “Monday Syndrome” refers to fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, body ache, inattention and other symptoms when working on Monday. People focus on work and study from Monday to Friday that forms a “dynamic stereotype”. After weekend resting and taking care of all the personal affairs aside from work which will use up much of your energy, people tend to feel hard to adapt when people return to work and studies on Monday, this is why it is so-called “Monday syndrome”. In order to eliminate this – contact us, compose anti-stress your Coaching Package and follow the tips we can give. You can overcome the “Monday Syndrome” with our Coaches – Elite Professionals approved by Bark : you can find the option to pick in “Further Price Reduction” tag.

And if you want to develop good habits or Life Coach they are just one click away from “near” move on to coaching session Arranger above.

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