Coaching ….is the answer to how to perfect yourself

Coaching ….is the answer to how to perfect yourself

Coaching is a term that has recently been more and more commonly associated with human resource management and career. What it actually means and, as the rumor says, if it is mainly used among the managerial staff? Can even a student afford to use some of the coaching achievements?

Shortly speaking, coaching by definition means a process that allows  personal development of a participant (i.e. Coachee) in a process per se. Importantly, Coaching is a tool focused on the future, on creating and achieving goals, in opposition to psychoanalysis which is based on drawing conclusions from past events. Therefore, Coaching is often treated and used as a method of self-improvement and is included in the context of defining e.g. career paths. Through auto-coaching, all people who are not sure what they really want in life can help themselves - all these thanks to simple methods of asking elaborated questions.

Coaching essential for a student?

– yes!!!

How can a student benefit from the wealth of Coaching? This method will certainly be helpful for all those who have not yet made their final decision concerning their career paths.

– The most important question that you should regularly ask yourself while thinking of your own career is the question “Why?”

Every decision we make in the context of our self-development path should be verified by understanding what we really care about:

What will others get through this decision and what will I get?

What is important to me?

Why do I want to do this?

What really motivates and fascinates me?

What does he feel good about?

What are my talents and strengths?

Coaching as a method focuses on the subjectivity of the Coachee or the Coach. The basic assumption of Coaching claims that the Coachee has all the resources and potential to enable him to function effectively. The Coach’s role is to help discover the potential – which is emphasized by psychologists and trainers. Therefore, the effects of work while sessions are always satisfactory for the Client, because they are always an expression of Coachee’s inner need, not always the one Coachee had been even aware of.

Regardless of our abilities and situation on the labor market, it is worth posing the challenging question whether what I have been doing or am planning to do in my professional life is really consistent with my internal beliefs; it is impossible to do a job well without such belief!? Coaching helps to find an idea for self-realization, sorting out this issue by boiling down to using the potential of knowledge and competence of an individual. At the same time, aspects such as time and work management that coaching considers are helpful at every stage of life.
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