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About us

About us

Company background

Originally, we began as group of agile translators and interpreters, we’ve operated in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Check Republic, Austria, Norway. Then, we expanded our activity into teaching languages and law-economics subject in form a varied training. Pretty recently we have gone through (neuro-) language coaching, counselling and advising and having all these together we have evolved into Coaching our Clients, motivating them and asking way they could do to make their live valuable and rewarding. We were asked for more, more of elating improvement and self-development. Eventually, we have made the attempt to become European cross-border coaching service company and highly-specialized institution. Thanks to positive Client’s feedback we relying on quality and standards we took a chance on trying, combining, experiencing and eventually have developed into Coaching Professionals CTTB Ltd. We made it. We have risen together with you.

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Our offer

The range of services we offer to you – the Client are related to Coach’s qualifications, experience, their training and areas of specialization. The coaching services include the following:

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Our Expertise confirmed

All of us are Certified Coaches which stands for hundreds or thousands of hours of coaching realized with Coachees, thousands of individual and group sessions which have bought satisfaction and goals into effect. We believe that the knowledgeable Coaches are expected to be certified by:

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Company PORTFOLIO – see at beneath

Our Coaches

Dorota Raniszewska – CTTB’s Master Coach

She is an Certified Professional Coach and mentor. Accredited EMCC Coach and Mentor – Senior Practitioner level. Accredited IC Coach (IC – Izba Coachingu which is the Coaching Chamber in Poland). Her passion is inspiring for creative work with people that supports their happiness, self-fulfillment and care. She helps people discover and achieve a state of what she calls “being fully responsible for your own life”. Her values are authenticity, passion and devotion, harmony, kindness towards self and others, ecology. She has a gift of integrating action- and problem-solving-orientation with a sensitivity and relationship-care. Key key motivation is growth. She is also a writer; published two books, one of which has been translated into English and is available on Amazon.

At out company, except for being Certified Coaches we have good command of foreign languages to suit more to you, even surprise you, because we are different and of different origin, and more to this has become element of our pride and constitutes our advantage over other institutions that provide Coaching services. We speak languages which helps us at understand you more profoundly and see the problem more thoroughly. We all communicate in English, German, Russian, Polish, French, Italian, Swedish and a few more. With no doubt, we are also linguists who help open every door in your minds: ❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way❞

― by Frank Smith

Our language teachers and language coaches:

Teacher for IT, Banking, Civil engineering, as well as Medical English for doctors, dentists, pharmacists

Presentation and business meeting etiquette tip (coaching) for Directors were presented to how best to achieve goals through email writing, learning about underlying meaning in written communication, document correction etc.Nick Veale about himself

A qualified Educator with 18 Years’ experience teaching in Poland, but never in the bookish sense
as am a believer in unlocking people’s potential by creating a friendly, informal, empathetic
environment and utilising my varied life experiences as material, enabling individual and group
goals to be met.
Possessing a positive mental attitude, aligned with a pleasant British sense of humour, has
enabled me to achieve startling results as sometimes it has flown in the face of a traditional Polish
pessimism, which I have noticed is akin on occasions to the Scots: it’s a lovely day today, but we
will pay for it tomorrow!
I have experience coaching business leaders [PMs, Directors, Scrum Masters etc] in the fields of
IT, banking, civil engineering, as well as doctors, dentists, pharmacists and Directors in local
government; in all, the methodology was to promote confidence in communication by pursuing
proactive learning ie day-to-day problem solving: presentation tips, business meeting etiquette,
how best to achieve goals through email writing, learning about underlying meaning in written
communication, document correction etc.
Being a keen student of human nature, with an almost exaggerated desire to help others, I fully
recognise the importance of learning about the inner person, so have not been shy to listen and
advise my ‘students’ on non business topics, ranging from family issues, health, anything really
including holiday destinations and running marathons. Having a creative bent, multiple times I have devised tailored-made curricula to best engage participants to achieve great and effective results.

Medical English and Business Specialized English Teacher

Adrianna about herself:

Hi! I’m Adrianna and for over 6 years I have been following my passion for languages by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for them with my students. I spent 12 years in the UK, attending schools and enrolling in courses as well as working for multiple companies. My decision to move back to Poland was not an easy one, but I definitely have no regrets. I am a certified interpreter, and my expertise include Business English and Entry-level Medical English. My classes are conducted in an easy-going fashion, with tons of inspiring topics to talk about, always making sure that it’s suitable for the student which makes the sessions greatly engaging. My life completely revolves around English, I watch English comedy, motoring shows, read psychology articles and books, and, of course, speak it all day! Adrianna Smolarek

Specialized in Business Communication English Teacher

Alexandra Giebień about herself

I decided to take an English philosophy course, as in high school I learned this language naturally. I developed a deep interest in foreign languages at the university when I also started learning German. Furthermore, Russian appeared also in my professional life. However, due to my methodological training, English became the center of my career. 

I discovered my passion for teaching when I started my job at a secondary school and a language school for adults. I noticed, that I can motivate people to change their lives. Thanks to my work, a doctor becomes a doctor as they passed their final examinations successfully. I like sharing my knowledge, so I everything I learned working as a translator/interpreter at Border Guard Training Centre, I transfer to my students while Business English lessons. I focus particularly on Business Communication. 

Lifelong learning is a part of my life. Constant changes in the educational system, new students’ books, or technical innovations, force me to be up-to-date all the time. To do so, I take part in multiple teachers’ training courses. 

Apart from work, I am really keen on bicycle tourism. I am a member of the Polish National Tourist Association and I belong to a local bicycle club. I usually spend weekends and vacations actively. One of my latest achievements is cycling to the top of the mountain Praded (1491 m) in Czech Republic. Take care! OLA

Wanda Raczyńska – soon

and many others including

Peter Jarek – translator, teacher, coach

He is a AON graduate of 2000, The University of Warsaw and The Nicolaus Copernicus University, he graduated in the fields of economics, law and in studies for sworn and specialized translators. Recently, he has completed Neurolanguage Course for Coaches certified by ICF in Prague. Back in the 1990s he worked a qualified teacher for many years, a trainer with good background and he used to be an academic lecturer of economics and languages at a few private and state-owed colleges or universities in the country. He worked in Hamburg, Oslo and Warsaw and London.

Author/co-author of a number of language syllabuses, a few translations of biography or scientific elaborations, expert in EU-funded projects or social projects’ Author and Manager; employed as an Evaluation Expert, Tutor and a good deal of times as an Interpreter in business and industry. Nowadays, he cooperates with executives in the area of language to improve their language self-confidence. He permanently searches for the golden rule of continuing education effectiveness in business :). He enjoys travelling, visited Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest – but loves Malta and Greece.

Here above is an example of his translations. He has dealt with translation works since 1993, as well as has performed an interpreter jobs numerous times.

These companies and institutions list have used our service in the past 5 years

as well as the companies previously:

  • CitiBank, Manager in Romania
  • Embassy of United States of America
  • Kowalski Studio in Oslo, Norway
  • UBM Development AG Vienna, Austria
  • Orlen S.A. Headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe
  • Polish Airlines LOT (language placement exam for cabin crews)
  • Supreme Administrative Court of Poland
  • New Business Solutions – Accounting Bureau
  • Personnel Management College
  • The Crest of London
  • PKO BP – Brokerage House
  • P.Włodkowic College
  • Masovian Administrative Court
  • AP Edukacja Sp.oo
  • Shared Corporate Center Sp. z o.o.
  • ORLEN Administracja Sp. z o.o.
  • Presidents sand Judges of Masovian Administrative Court
  • New Business Solutions Accounting Bureau
  • Estelligence Sp z o.o. Accounting Bureau
  • LC2 language training company
  • Cosinus,
  • PKO BP
  • Centrum Edukacji Orlen SA
  • JSC Consulting
  • The Tower – training and course for Professionals
  • and many others

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